Five Days of April in Iraq

AP: Shop Owner Killed in Iskan Neighborhood
In the western Iskan neighborhood, gunmen killed the owner of an air conditioner repair shop on his way to work.

AP: Gunmen Kill Ice Cream Vendors and Butcher in Baghdad
Gunmen killed three ice cream vendors in the southern neighborhood of Dora and a butcher and his son in east Baghdad, police said. Another son was also wounded in the attack on the butcher shop.

AP: Iraqi Gunmen Ambush Minibus Carrying Shiites, Kill Six Men
Gunmen attacked a minibus carrying Shiites northeast of Baghdad, killing six men and wounding a woman, an official said Saturday. US and Iraqi troops killed three suspected insurgents, and six people were gunned down in the Iraqi capital

CNN: Gunmen Kill Shiite Tribal Chief, Relatives
Gunmen in three cars killed a Shiite tribal chief and four male relatives near Balad Ruz as they drove home from a funeral, according to a Diyala province Joint Coordination Center official.

AP: Seven Bodies Found
Police reported the discovery of at least seven bodies, mostly young men who were shot in the head or strangled in Baghdad – the latest victims, apparently, of sectarian death squads.

Reuters: Iraqi Sergeant Major Killed
South of Baquba, an Iraqi army sergeant major was killed on Friday after his patrol surprised a group of suspected anti-government fighters trying to steal a dump truck.

AFP: Turkish Driver Killed Outside of Baghdad
A Turkish driver was also killed just outside Baghdad late on Saturday, according to the Anatolia news agency.

AP: Gunmen Assassinate Sunni Arab Sheik
Gunmen also assassinated a Sunni Arab sheik, Abdul-Minaam Awad, in his village of Zobaa 40 miles west of Baghdad, a Sunni clerical association announced.

02 April 2006

AP: Police Discover 40 Bodies in and Around Baghdad
Police reported the discovery of nearly 40 bodies in several neighborhoods of the Iraqi capital … The bodies found in Baghdad were all handcuffed and had been shot in the head or chest, said police Maj. Falah al-Mohammedawi.

Reuters: Gunmen Kill Two Civilians in Balad Rouz
Gunmen killed two civilians and wounded three others, including a 12-year-old girl, when they attacked a family coming from Nahrwan and heading to Balad Rouz, north of Baghdad, police said.

Reuters: Five Civilians Killed in Ramadi
Five civilians, including three children, were killed in clashes between US forces and insurgents in Ramadi, a hospital source said.

Reuters: Two Farmers Killed by US Forces in Riyadh
Two farmers were killed on Saturday by US forces in Riyadh, 40 km southwest of Kirkuk, police Lieutenant Saddam Aasaf said.

AFP: Policeman Killed in Sunni Neighborhood of Khadra
In the Sunni neighborhood of Khadra, a policeman was shot dead by unknown gunmen, while in the central Mustansiriyah neighborhood the director of religious tourism at the transport ministry, Walid Sobhi Ahmed, was stopped in his car and kidnapped.

CENTCOM: Three Marines, One Sailor Killed in al Anbar Province
Camp Fallujah, Iraq – Three Marines and one Sailor assigned to 2/28 Brigade Combat Team, serving with Multi-National Force West, died from enemy action while operating in al Anbar Province April 2.


AP: Gunmen Kill Shiite Family of Four
Iraqi police say four members of a Shiite family were killed in southern Baghdad last night. They say gunmen lined up a brother, two sisters and their uncle against a wall and shot them.

AP: Police Captain Killed in Baghdad
Also in the same neighborhood, drive-by shooters killed a police captain outside his home

AP: Gunmen Kill Six People in the Southern City of Basra
Gunmen shot down six people, including a child, in a market area of the southern city of Basra, police said. The victims of the drive-by shooters in Basra included a navy officer, two policemen, two workers at an electrical plant, and a boy.

Reuters: Gunmen Kill Policeman, Wound Two in Baiji
A policeman was killed and two others wounded when gunmen attacked their patrol in Baiji, police said.

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