2010 Elections: Senatorial Bets’ Stand Regarding the People’s Agenda



To enable voters to make an informed choice , Bulatlat.com researched available materials regarding the position on issues of the different candidates for senator. The criteria used in this report is based on the 12 specific issues that Pagbabago People’s Movement for Change and Ibon Foundation came up with.

1. On corruption. Will they seek the truth behind the “Hello, Garci”, NBN-ZTE and fertilizer scam to name a few of the anomalies that involved the president?

Franklin Drilon (LP)

At the height of the Garci scandal, Drilon and other members of the LP withdrew their support from the Arroyo government and called for her resignation. Drilon said in a Bandila interview that

he would uphold transparency in government, support legislation such as the Right to Information Act, promote the party list system, and ensure that executive privilege will not be used to hide graft.

He also boasts of never having an Ombudsman complaint filed against him and never being involved in graft and corruption. He said that executive privilege should not be used to conceal graft, as it has been used by the Arroyo administration (Batas Media interview Part 1).

Satur Ocampo

In his live chat at politicalarena.ph, Ocampo said that once elected, he would prosecute Arroyo on allegations of corruption, cheating, and human rights abuse.

“I am a natural leftist because I am literally left-handed,” Ocampo quipped. “In boxing, the left hook is the strongest blow… we will use this to finish corruption.”


Hold Mrs. Arroyo and her officials accountable for their acts of plunder, electoral fraud, human rights violations and other crimes even as policies are to be put in place ensuring greater transparency and accountability in government;


Liza Maza

It is among our top priorities as members of the Makabayang Coalition ng Mamamayan or Makabayan to prosecute Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for the cases of graft and corruption, electoral fraud and countless human rights violations she, her family and allies have conspired to commit against the Filipino people.


Alex Lacson (LP)

Lacson said he will join the senate investigation on Lacson, even if they are distant relatives (Hot Seat Alex Lacson).

In a press release,Lacson was quoted as saying that “He would raise of the budget of the Office of the Ombudsman to at least one percent of the total annual national budget, the enactment of a law protecting whistleblowers, the empowerment of the private sector to go after corrupt public officials, the development of a mass culture that rejects corruption as a way of life, and the creation of an “anti-corruption army,” which represents a critical mass of ordinary citizens, who would run after corrupt public officials.”


Gwen Pimentel (NP)

In her CHILDREN platform, Pimentel said she would promote “Ethical Governance to fight Graft & Corruption.”


Yasmin Lao

Will ensure that budget for Mindanao goes to where it was truly allocated for by facilitating people’s participation in guarding the budget (Batas Media Reports with Yasmin Busran-Lao).

Teofisto Guingona III (LP)

Slammed GMA for economic crisis and corruption, blames Arroyo’s lack of transparency for corruption

Co-authored House Resolution that rejects any and all moves to amend the 1987 constitution before the 2010 elections including the proposed convening of congress into a constituent assembly, Sponsored An Act Mandating Transparency in Fund Releases

Jose P. De Venecia III

In a Bandila interview, he said he would file a bill that would turn the lump-sum budget reports of the Office of the President to Line Item Budgeting so that “We would know where public funds are going to.”

On reopening of the NBN-ZTE hearing, he said that the case has already been escalated in the courts. Even cases charged against former Comelec chairman Benjamin Abalos and Sec. Romulo Neri is already being handled by the Sandiganbayan. “It is the right place for them unless there is a new evidence that the senate needs to investigate.

Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel (LP)

Said she intends to use the Senate’s oversight powers to make sure that we ferret out the truth behind unresolved controversies involving Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, her family, and her cronies

She has sought for special audit of Arroyo’s multi-million projects in Pampanga, asked SC to revise the decision junking the disqualification case against Arroyo’s congressional bid, filed a corruption complaint on NBN-ZTE scam and filed impeachment complaint against Arroyo.

Juan Ponce Enrile

We should not put the blame to our culture. What we must do is to focus on leaders who should be fighting corruption.


We have laws and it must be implemented. This include putting national leaders, high ranking officials and government officials to jail should they be implicated in graft cases.


JV Bautista

“I appeal to our lawmakers to think independently of the interest of the Arroyos. Do not grant special powers to the petty tyrant of Malacanang. We do not want another ZTE deal. If we have to enter into contracts with power firms, the people demand not only transparency in their provisions. More son, we need Congress that would act as a mechanism for the check and balance to the president, a legislature that truly defends the welfare and future of the Filipino people.”


Jinggoy Estrada

We should not yet close the hearing on NBN-ZTE scandal. If there is a new witness who can speak out the roots of the controversial contract, he or she should come out. We would see if he or she is credible.

Even before the start of the hearing, I was urging the former Speaker de Venecia to testify before the Senate. Ako ang unang nagsabi nun eh. When they had a falling out with Mrs. Arroyo, sinabi ko, “Testify before the Senate. And reveal and expose what he knows about the ZTE deal.”


Danny Lim

“While this is not a legislative matter (investigations not in aid of legislation are executive in nature) it will certainly form part of my concerns. While I will seek to uncover the truth to prevent its repetition, I will also move to make sure that the guilty are punished, through whatever means are available.”

(Answers were sent to Bulatlat by Lim’s spokesperson Belle Enriquez)

Apolinario Lozada Jr.

Corruption is so encompassing. You don’t know where to start and where to end. It has become a way of life FOR many of us. On the specific NBN-ZTE, there must be a CLOSURE. And closure means, who cares who will get the axe. The facts of the case at present point to the sitting president. I agree but I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Let us all see and examine all the facts and evidences. And whoever is responsible and guilty, should be punished. The Law exempts no one. Not even if the guilty sits in the Palace. The Law must be respected and must take its course.

On the Bolante case, I feel deeply that Bolante should speak the truth. If he keeps on lying, he should be punished. I am one of those he reported to have received the money. I never did and I have issued an official statement to the Senate about the matter. Thus I am fully convinced that Bolante hides the truth and he must be punished for it. He protects the occupants of Malacanang but he cannot do this forever, we must force him to name the perpetrator and it leads to the Palace.

Pia Cayetano

Initiated and participated in legislative probes on various issues involving Arroyo and allies.

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