2010 Elections: Senatorial Bets’ Stand Regarding the People’s Agenda

3. National patrimony. Will they protect the national patrimony and environment by opposing large-scale, export-oriented, and foreign-led extractive industries such as mining and oil exploration?

Gilbert Remulla

In the ANC square-off debate, Remulla supported foreign ownership of domestic lands, saying that Filipinos “will have jobs, learn new skills and uplift their lives.” He said, “What I am basically saying is we maximize our comparative advantage. Where China will not open up its properties to foreign investors, let us open up ours. Let the investors see that we are offering their businesses a sense of security for their investments. They will not find that in China.”


Satur Ocampo

Filed the most number of bills and resolutions that aim to protect the national patrimony including probes on the questionable operations of several mining firms in different parts of the country, illegal logging and impact of economic agreements including those under the WTO, etc.

Liza Maza

The Philippines is for the Filipinos. Its rich natural resources should be used for the benefit of its people and not of foreign companies.

Gwen Pimentel

“Lawyer Gwen Pimentel today said that mining is a source of wealth and livelihood for Filipinos but industry players should apply the best practices of the world to prevent the degradation of the environment and enable the communities concerned to benefit from their operations.”


Ralph Recto

Pushed for Regional Headquarters Act, which provides for the exemption from income tax of regional or area headquarters established in the Philippines by multinational companies and which headquarters do not earn or derive income from the Philippines and which act as supervisory, communications and coordinating centers for their affiliates, subsidiaries, or branches in the Asia-Pacific Region and other foreign markets.

Ruffy Biazon

Sponsored the Mandating The Immediate Rehabilitation, Commissioning And Commercial Operation Of The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

Pushed for Alternative Fuel Vehicles Act of 2004 which provides tax exemptions and incentives for the adoption and promotion of the use and improvement of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles, for Strict Regulation And Stiffer Penalties For The Illegal/unlawful Importation, Manufacture, Acquisition, Sale, Disposition Or Possession Of Explosives and for Renewable Energy Act of 2008

Sonia Roco

Will provide equal opportunity for all and hopes to protect the future of our children by safeguarding God’s creations.

Risa Hontiveros

Resolution on JPEPA / Toxic Waste Trade that inquires on the questionable Japan-Philippine trade agreement

Jose De Venecia III

The country should lessen its dependence on imported oil. The government should grant incentives to companies which use clean fuel. Development of geothermal, wind and solar power plants must be prioritized.

Energy crops should be produced in new plantations rather than replacing existing food crops

Jose Apolinario Lozada Jr.

“No one has the right to dispose of, sell or let foreigners take advantage of it, in whatever way it could. Our wealth is for every Filipino, not for other and we should defend it, secure it and fight for it as ours. No one else.”

Danny Lim

“Self-sufficiency in resource extraction and exploitation is my legislative goal.”

4. Agrarian Reform and agricultural development. Will they work for genuine agrarian reform anchored on the distribution of land to the tillers?

Franklin Drilon

Accused Manuel Villar Jr. of facilitating the illegal conversion of prime rice lands in an Iloilo town to build a subdivision for his real estate development company Camella Homes. Villar immediately denied the claim.


Supported and promoted the stock distribution option (SDO) scheme in Hacienda Luisita

Satur Ocampo

Develop the countryside through genuine agrarian reform, effective support and subsidies to farmers and the adoption of modern and sustainable farming technologies


Pushed for Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill. Other agricultural bills include GMO-Free Food and Agriculture Act and Rice Industry Development Act

Liza Maza

I have been among the few progressive individuals in the House of Representatives who have been pushing for genuine agrarian reform through the passage of House Bill No. 3059 (Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill) versus the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), which despite having been implemented for a decade and extended for another ten years, has failed to distribute lands to the Filipino farmers. If given a chance to serve the people as a senator, I will continue to introduce new laws that will get the ball rolling for a genuine agrarian reform in the country, one that will push for free distribution of land and will move for the scrapping of the deceptive stock distribution scheme and other forms of exemptions to land redistribution.

Alex Lacson

“I believe it is important for Sen. Noynoy Aquino to lay to rest any and all questions about the Hacienda Luisita massacre while also fulfilling his commitment to justly address the long pending claims of the remaining tenant farmers at the hacienda.”

Hailing from Negros, Lacson criticized the long-promised benefits that never reached farmers.


Adel Tamano

“Why wait for 5 more years when it should have been done decades ago?” said Tamano as he pointed out that the redistribution of the Cojuanco-Aquino property was “long overdue.”


Jose De Venecia III

The Philippines should rethink its position vis-à-vis membership in the World Trade Organization. If a country like Japan is allowed to protect its farmers and auto manufacturers, there is no reason why the Philippines cannot do the same for its fishermen and farmers. I propose to ban imports of all basic commodities. At the same time, I would like to see the world’s biggest agri firms enter the Philippines as investors and developers.

Showed bias toward foreign investment-led and global market-oriented development, including on land reform.

Juan Ponce Enrile

I am against smuggling of agricultural products because it would not only hurt the farmers but also the income of the government. It would largely affect the economy that why we need to put a stop to it. We need a strong leader to be installed in the Bureau of Customs.


Pushed for the CARP extension with reforms, which some quarters doubt can truly address peasant landlessness

Ruffy Biazon

Pushed for The Agri – Agra Reform Credit Act Of 2009

Ralph Recto

Former chairperson of Senate Committee on Agrarian Reform

Jose Apolinario Lozada Jr

“Lip service is no fulfillment of the law and the policies on agrarian reform. Every Filipino has the right for it. Lets work and fight for it.”

Danny Lim

“I am looking at making the system far more efficient particularly when it comes to achieving the goals of land reform such as in the releases of funding that will allow the former landowners to invest in industry, and in ensuring that real beneficiaries receive the land. There are far too many notorious anomalies in the system that have allowed outrageous compensations for worthless property, distribution to non-tillers, delayed compensation, etc. that have defeated the goals of a more egalitarian society.”

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