On Labor Day, Workers call on Aquino to implement pro-people policies

During the commemoration of Labor Day, workers take Aquino to task for pushing for anti-people policies that has pushed Filipinos to deeper poverty.

Photos by
Anne Marxze Umil
Angelica de Lara
Jhun Dantes
Marya Salamat
Terence Krishna Lopez


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  1. Nice pictures and advocacy I really really love it !! I Loved the dog like ” Noynoy ” haha it reflects on how he administrate this country . You guys were right he must stop Noynoying ( noynoying means doing nothing ) and start doing something good to our economy right now !! I am tired of your girlfriends showbiz issues you are not a celebrity for christ sakes !! you are a president not an actor you must pay attention to our society and the growing condition of poverty . But of course you will never understand poverty because you came from a rich family and you will do anything to preserve your wealth just like HACIENDA LUICITA MASSACRE!! . I know that you can’t improved our economy you are just like GMA a blood sucking parasites in the Government , Elections are for rich peoples only and poor people has no voice in elections nor sit in the political government . but I really like the Pics LOL.

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