There are around 2,000 desaparecidos — victims of enforced disappearance – in the Philippines, from the time of the Marcos Dictatorship up to the present Aquino administration.

In “Aparición,”Bulatlat features a series of watercolour portraits of desaparecidos, who have been missing for years and even decades.

Aparición, the Spanish word for “appearance,” is used here as the missing is surfaced in an artwork, along with their own words, added digitally, as remembered by their family and friends.

This will come out at least once a month, featuring one or two people, along with a short essay. The portraits are made by Bulatlat editorial cartoonist Dee Ayroso.(https://www.bulatlat.com)

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Honor Ayroso and Johnny Orcino                                                                                                                                   Leo Velasco                Danilo Macapagal          Abner Hizarsa               Roberto Pascual Sr.
Luisa Posa-Dominado and Leonilo Arado  Prudencio Calubid and Celina Palma
James Balao
Armando Portajada Sr.

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