People’s movement should force Aquino to resign in aftermath of Mamasapano – Sison

“Aquino’s obedience to the US ‘war on terror’ has only spelled death and destruction.”


Utrecht, The Netherlands – President Aquino failed to act as commander-in-chief, broke the chain of command, gave fatal orders to the special action forces (SAF), ordered a stand down and betrayed his own men, violated the ceasefire agreement with the MILF, and blindly followed a stupid advice by his US handlers. These in summary were the fatal mistakes of President Aquino during the Mamasapano incident last January 25, according to Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, chief political consultant of the NDFP Peace Panel.

Professor Sison enumerated and elucidated on these points during a fully-packed public forum sponsored by the International Information Office of the NDFP last February 8 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

“Because of the popular outrage over the mishandling by Aquino of the Mamasapano incident that led to the deaths of 70 people including civilians, he (Aquino) was forced to admit responsibility,” stressed Sison. Thus, he added, this mistake could lead to his ouster, even as relatives of the SAF commandos killed have called for Aquino to resign.

Clear role of Aquino and the US

Professor Sison told the audience that right from the very start of this operation, named “Operation Exodus”, the US and Aquino were already hands-on. Ochoa (Aquino’s executive secretary and head of the Task Force Against Organized Crime), said Sison, reportedly prepared the paperwork for the project, allocated a budget and provided the logistics to suspended PNP chief Purisima.

Aquino reportedly flew to Zamboanga City a day before the operation using as alibi condoling with the families of the victims of a bombing that happened days earlier. Sison claimed Aquino and his US advisers, allegedly met in the city in a resort owned by a congressman (who, according to a side story by Sison, is a land magnate and said to be an interested buyer of Hacienda Luisita), where the secret US drone operational facility is located.

When the firefight between the SAF commandos and the MILF, BIFF and Muslim community militias ended, US military personnel were seen extricating the dead and wounded and airlifted by a helicopter company associated with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Newspaper photos captured this scene with what looked like Caucasians carrying at least one dead body of another Caucasian soldier. The sacked SAF commander would later admit in newspaper reports that the US provided “medical assistance” to the wounded soldiers.

“Aquino’s obedience to the US ‘war on terror’ has only spelled death and destruction,” Sison stressed.

The US war on terror, Sison stressed, is a metaphorical war and its (US) terrorism has killed far more civilians and caused far greater destruction. “The US has to be exposed, as the biggest terrorist, and a flagrant user of ‘false flags’”, Sison added.

MILF self-defense valid

Professor Sison also stated that the MILF argument of self-defense was valid. “The people, whatever their affiliation, had to defend themselves and their community against perceived attackers,” he said. Aquino did not consult nor coordinate with the MILF, and even kept out his own Armed Forces chief of staff, the DILG secretary and the acting chief of the PNP in the dark about the operation, Sison said.

Activists call for 'truth and accountability' for the Mamasapano clashes. (Photo by D. Ayroso)
Activists call for ‘truth and accountability’ for the Mamasapano clashes. (Photo by D. Ayroso)

People’s outrage

Sison said that because of Aquino’s incompetence and betrayal as commander-in-chief and his puppetry to the US for following its deadly and destructive advice, there is now a broader popular outrage and movement (even among the police and military) against his (Aquino’s) regime that is calling for his resignation and ouster.

Sison averred that although there is now wide resentment and anger among the ranks of the police and military, no significant group or force within would be capable of mounting a coup. He instead called on the police and military officers and rank and file to support the democratic actions of the people to force President Aquino to resign.

National transition council for national unity

Sison also endorsed the formation of a national transition council to replace Aquino in order to initiate meaningful reforms, form a truth commission on the crimes of the Aquino regime and prepare for the next national elections. He explained that the composition of this council should come from the forces that have been opposing and fighting the Aquino regime.

Apart from personalities from the opposition, the Church, and leaders of the progressive mass movement who may be asked to be part of this national transition council, Sison said former President Fidel Ramos could be asked to be an adviser to the council.

On the GPH-NDFP peace talks

Asked about what his sentiments are after the Mamasapano incident on the future of the peace talks, Professor Sison said the NDFP peace panel feels no more compulsion to deal with Aquino. The GPH, he said, has already been exposed to the Norwegian government, which acts as third party facilitator to the talks, as insincere and disinterested in peace talks.

“It is demonstratively clear to the third party facilitator the mish-mash of the GPH. The GPH panel is already in a state of decomposition” he said. (

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