A child in flight

By E. G. Geronimo

Can you see those eyes full of pain and questions?
Would you dare answer the nagging questions
in the deep recesses of his mind?
What is injustice?
What is greed?
Why is there injustice?
Why is there greed?
Why should we suffer from all these?
Why should we take flight?
Why should we keep on running
away from home, away from my games and
toys, away from my pets and plants.
Why will irrationality triumph over reason?
Can you see those lips pursed in abject remonstrance,
Aching to cross the horizon of innocence,
Begging to understand the complexity of this cock-eyed world
and man’s inhumanity.
Yet from his brave demeanour, you will see a grown-up man
with unwavering determination to change the situation.

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