Alternative news Bulatlat under attack again

Different waves of the attack in the past 24h and main country of origin of infected machines (Courtesy of Qurium Media Foundation)


MANILA — Alternative news website Bulatlat is once again being subjected to a series of cyber-attack, a digital forensic investigation report revealed.

In its forensic report, Qurium Media Foundation, a noted Sweden-based group of digital forensic investigation experts that provides support to various media agencies facing similar attacks, said they have been mitigating the attacks against Bulatlat’s website, which is being subjected to a series of denial of service attacks since January 19, 2019.

The attackers, the group said, attacked the old hosting’s “front-end at Cloudfare and later on they directed the attack to the hosting site,” using at least 1,100 compromised computers “to flood the website with requests.”

Qurium noted that the attackers are keeping a low request per ration “to avoid flood detection.”

The cyber-attack has repeatedly brought down the website for several days. Qurium had to migrate the website in the middle of an ongoing attack.

This is not the first time that Bulatlat has been subjected to such cyber-attack. On Dec. 26, Bulatlat’s website, along with other alternative news agencies, were also down due to an apparent similar attack.

In an earlier statement, Bulatlat said that the attack is yet another attempt to infringe on press freedom. (

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