Day: May 12, 2019

A mother’s day message from prison

You don’t have to cry in front of me to let me know how painful it is that your mom and your father are both in jail. When you were still a child, you’ve been asking me why I can’t be like other ordinary moms, similar to the mothers of your classmates – they work 8am to 5pm, see their children off to school, attend PTA meetings, etc. I know now you understand why I’m not ordinary like them. It was even you who said I must have been a superwoman or Darna for doing all the things I did for the people while taking care of our family.

Two crucial stakes in May 13 elections

Political pundits generally view the mid-term national (legislative) and local (executive-legislative) elections on Monday, May 13, as a referendum on the performance of the Duterte administration in the first half of its six-year term. More than that, however, the elections will determine the outcome on two crucial issues: One, whether the Senate will retain its…