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Nanay Leti: The grandmother who stood in solidarity with NutriAsia workers

“If you have seen the actual footage of the dispersal, Nanay Leti was the one shouting ‘walang sakitan ah!’(no hurting please!) at the police.” By MENCHANI TILENDO MANILA — Were it not for the bruises and stitches on her face, one would think of her as a typical Filipina grandmother who’s spending most of…

Labor rights issues intensified under two years of Duterte (Part 2)

The Philippines was among the top 10 countries across the globe to be worst for workers, according to the Global Rights Index for 2018 released last June 8 by the International Trade Union Confederation. In a scale of 1 to 5, the Philippines is a 5 with “no guarantee of rights due to the breakdown of law.