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Freedom of expression is the people’s right to fight back

We must therefore never forget that contradiction in fighting back for freedom of expression today. Freedom of expression is not a privilege of those in power, but a weapon of the oppressed to safeguard against the abuse of power—whether economic, political, and social.

Painting the presence of freedom

“Artists know that their freedom to create the art that they wish to is premised on the freedom of expression. When this freedom is taken away, so is their freedom to create art. And they create art to serve the basic sectors, because we basically owe everything to farmers and workers—what we eat, the things that we use everyday. When they are suppressed, then everything else is rendered meaningless.”

Pinoy woke artists sing of tyranny, rage and hope

Artists have up their collaboration to turn out music videos that have become a powerful tool for awakening and raising the people’s consciousness. The visuals sure do aid the music and the lyrics come for easy retention. The internet affords the listeners to revisit the videos anytime and share it to others, much more so in this pandemic where online connectivity has become the norm.

Responding to Escolta’s street vendors: How do we provide relief and security to the economically vulnerable?

Most of us may be afraid and cautious of this invisible virus possibly lurking in our vicinity. But for the economically vulnerable, it is the untrustworthy authorities that they are most afraid of during this quarantine. With Duterte’s order to shoot anyone who does not obey, the police were given even more power to assert their authority over the vendors and homeless.

Film and fascism: Notes on the first Cinema Kritika

That violence is normal and impunity inevitable, the very things we fought against during the first People Power uprising, are the same things this regime wants to make acceptable through Misyon, Bato, Children, and Mindanao so it could justify the Drug War and the Martial Law.

Kampuhan ng mga manggagawang agrikultural, dinepensahan ng kolektibong pagluluto

Ni ROGENE A. GONZALES Nitong Pebrero 10 nang umaga sa pangunguna ng Sama-samang Artista para sa Kilusang Agraryo (SAKA) inilunsad ang Luto! Laban! Sunday Cookout para sa NAMASUFAsa Liwasang Bonifacio, Maynila. Tumungo ang mga artistang alyado ng SAKA at mga boluntaryo mula sa industriya ng sining, kultura, at kaalaman sa protest camp ng Nagkahiusang Mamumuo…