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Red lines for the Global South at COP26

By LEON DULCE This speech was delivered as part of a panel in the ‘People’s Struggles and Priorities on the Road to COP26’ webinar by the Southern People’s Action on COP26 last October 22, 2021. Good evening comrades and colleagues! We thank everyone for coming together in this meeting of hearts and minds deeply committed…

War in Paradise

This war of suppression, directed at people who resist what government armed forces call ‘vital installations’ and ‘flagship projects,’ has always been the biggest investment guarantee that the Philippine government grants to extractive and pollutive large-scale industries.

#ReclaimLumadLand: Continue the Lianga Martyrs’ struggle for land, environment, and justice!

KALIBUTAN This solidarity statement signed by 45 different organizations across the world was delivered during the program of the ‘Eydow Tu Pakigsantuya Tu Tumindok Kane’t Caraga’, the day of struggle of the Indigenous Peoples of Caraga in reclaiming the ancestral lands of the indigenous Lumad back from the Philippine military in Surigao del Sur province.…