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Lab Notes | What must be done to the suspended land reclamations in Manila Bay?

By KELVIN S. RODOLFO, PhD* Note: Over two months have passed since the verbal announcement of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on the suspension of reclamation activities in Manila Bay. However, no clear guidelines have been released yet. Reclamation activities such as seabed quarrying continue in Manila Bay. Bulatlat.com What can be done with these atrocities…

Lab Notes | Mangroves 101: Why we need to #SaveTaliptip

Once the aerotropolis is built, the hazards of the storm surfaces and high tide would be more pronounced – especially since we’re in the Philippines, a country hit by tens of typhoons a year. And this will only get worse as storms get more violent and sea levels rise due to climate change – and in fact, destroying mangrove trees release tons of carbon dioxide due stored in their soils.

Bulacan fisherfolk, women want genuine, inclusive Manila Bay rehabilitation

While the government is riding on the popular call for cleanup of Manila Bay, harnessing free labor of volunteers for fishing out thrash in Manila Bay, it is, on the other hand, disproportionately blaming the poor and seeking their demolition in favor of reclamation plans and other real estate development.