Bloody black and white

Ni Sonny Mallari

It was no ordinary image in black and white…
Of desecrated body and trampled soul,
Of flesh mangled into pieces by modern-day beasts.
Of empty head carved into a gory dungeon,
Of nightmares and broken dreams.

A revolting colorless image of curse and rage…
Of naked savagery and screaming brutality,
Of murdered hope and strangled desire.
Of whispers, echoes and shouts,
Of pains and impish cries by those left behind.

The struggle for freedom is a bloody panorama of black and white…
The tortured body and spilled blood is black with white lime….
To cover the grim and stink of injustice, oppression and war.

Delfin “sonny” Trinidad Mallari
Nov. 16, 2011

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