Reds condemn Duterte’s ‘subservience to US’

MANILA — As an American warship recently docked at the Sasa Wharf in Davao City, the Communist Party of the Philippines once again condemned what it described as “subservience of the Duterte administration to US imperialism.”

The US Navy’s USS Montgomery, a littoral combat ship, docked June 29 at the civilian port Sasa Wharf and proceeded to conduct “friendship” activities in Davao City.

“Even as Duterte displays outright slavishness to China over the Recto Bank incident, he manifests utter subservience to the US imperialists by allowing US warships and military troops to continue using the country as a large military base,” the CPP said in a statement sent to the media.

“The docking of the USS Montgomery dwarfs China’s trawl ships in the South China Sea, literally and politically. While Chinese ships plunder and roam the Philippine seas, US warships carrying guns, missiles, fighter jets, hundreds of soldiers and nuclear arms, dock directly on Philippine civilian ports and airports, unload and store war materiél on US-controlled facilities, and offloads foreign troops who enjoy protection under the US-RP Visiting Forces Agreement,” the CPP added.

The CPP said US troops have secret facilities within Philippine military camps where weapons are stockpiled.

“AFP units over which the US has operational control are created and trained to carry out armed suppression against the people,” the CPP said.

Under the Duterte administration, the US has increased its military aid to the Philippines. According to Ibon Foundation, the US has allotted US$166 million for its foreign military financing program for the Philippines from 2016 until 2020. It has also supported the war on drugs campaign of the Duterte administration with its international narcotics control and law enforcement funding of US$ 32.5 million for the same period.

The CPP called on the Filipino people to demand the pull out of US troops, including other foreign armed forces, and demand the abrogation of military agreements. (By Emily Vital)

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