Bayan Muna rising to the challenge of looming fascist rule

As progressive partylist Bayan Muna turns 20 this year, its three lawmakers in the incoming 18th Congress of the House of Representatives must rise to the various challenges these days under the Duterte administration: looming fascist rule, allowing of foreign intervention, and the dire human rights situation in the country, to name a few.

Bayan Muna emerged victorious during the midterm elections, in the face of a state-sponsored attempt to bring zero votes not just for them but for the rest of progressive partylists running under the Makabayan bloc. With two decades of solid commitment in pushing for legislation that heeds the cries of the Filipino people, it landed on a sweet second spot in the partylist race.

As the name implies, their daunting task nowadays is to put the country first above all and provide a genuine opposition, which is very much needed these days as Duterte continues to threaten the country’s check and balances.

Below are profile stories of its three legislators:

Carlos Zarate, former journo turned lawyer, legislator


Ferdinand Gaite, from union to lawmaking


Manobo leader Eufemia Cullamat to represent indigenous peoples in Congress

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