Operation Sauron


From deep Mordor
Sauron marched to Negros
besieging the Occident
laying waste lives in Sagay
riddling bodies with copper,
leaving them smelling burnt

Sauron continued marching to the Orient wreaking havoc on fields,
not satiated with bloodthirst
his ever lusting lust

Unstoppable are his orcs,
neither Gandalfs nor Galadriels
who perished in same fate,
nor the Babaylanes and Diwatas of old who chanted oraciones

can halt the heat of bullets
at Sta. Catalina, Guihulngan
and now in the city of Bacolod,
innocents fall heavily…
still Sauron tramples San Carlos
and Dumaguete

Ohoys are danced under sun,
ili-ilis sung beneath the moon
when noble Kanlaon takes justice soon on these evils of Mordor. (https://www.bulatlat.com)

* Sophomore BA Psychology, U.P. Miag-ao & Associate Editor of CAS students’ official paper, Pagbutlak


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