Ka Randy


They who wield the law
Sent hooded men who
Barged into the house of an
Ailing old man.
They plunged their weapons
Deep into his mortal being,
Splattering the great deeds
Of a peacemaker.

So tell us now,
Who are the peace slayers?
Who are the social justice thieves?
Who are the terror sowers?

They who wield the law
Fear too much
This gentle voice
Who spoke with peasants
And fisherfolk, and toiling workers
Who dream their dreams
Of life without want and fear.

Knives and bullets
Cannot silence the faceless, nameless.
They will walk bravely with
The memory of an old man
Who is deathless,
Who saw the time
When fields can be owned by the tillers,
The factories ran by workers,
The seas, air and land defined
By those who remained defiant
Against those who wielded
The law of terror.

#JusticeforKaRandallEchanis! (https://www.bulatlat.com)

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