IN-DEPTH: Public education sector, neglected even more in the time of pandemic


The Philippine educational system has long been neglected. Over the years, advocates have pointed out the low budget allotted for the sector, way below the Unesco’s recommendation of five percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). Yearly, teachers and students point out the shortages in classrooms, facilities and other equipment, and teachers are not given decent pay.

No sufficient budget for distance learning 

With the pandemic still raging on, the crisis in the Philippine educational system has been further exposed. Instead of addressing the concerns of the education sector, the Duterte administration has chosen to neglect it even more by not providing enough budget for distance learning.


Not enough protection and care for teachers amid the pandemic

Teachers as well as non-academic employees are also not provided protection. The Magna Carta for Public School Teachers enacted in 1996, which mandates free medical assistance and hospitalization, is not implemented to this very day.

Students with special needs being left behind in distance learning

The “No student left behind” is just a slogan, with thousands of students and especially those with special needs, are not taken into consideration in the education department’s modalities of learning.


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