Day: February 18, 2021

Prosecutor junks charges vs 10 Marikina relief volunteers

“This positive development is proof the relief volunteers, comprised of teachers and jeepney drivers, are innocent and that the Philippine National Police has indeed abused their authority to illegally arrest and detain them. This is a slap on ‘mananita king’ and PNP chief Debold Sinas’ face, who previously insisted that charges should be pursued against Marikina 10.”

FIRST PERSON | ‘Lumad students are not child warriors’

“It was indeed very enriching for me to be given the opportunity to teach the Lumad Junior and Senior High-School students. Likewise, it was very heart-wrenching as I had learned many things from them especially in their narratives of struggles to uphold ownership of their ancestral lands and their way of life as well as their fight for self-determination and liberation from the shackles of their oppressors.”

Opinion | In defense of our red (tagged) comrades in the ivory tower!

These red (tagged) comrades were not responsible for the phasing out of jeepneys, for rampant violations of human rights, for the collapse of our agriculture. They took up arms precisely because they know that the peaceful means to achieve genuine social change is irresolvable in the current existing system. They realized that it was the existing system, which is unsustainable, that is utopian rather than the alternative future that they were willing to die for. They were not dreamers! They were realistic! Like the 1968 French student rebellion, they demanded the impossible!