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Killing in the name of Duterte’s Crackdown

By DLS PINEDA This administration has lost its capacity to surprise. One year and a half, hundreds of broken promises, and fourteen thousand drug-related deaths since Duterte took oath, the biggest surprise is that we’re no longer surprised with what’s going on. So when 10 activists are killed within Sunday and Monday, and when the…

War in Paradise

This war of suppression, directed at people who resist what government armed forces call ‘vital installations’ and ‘flagship projects,’ has always been the biggest investment guarantee that the Philippine government grants to extractive and pollutive large-scale industries.

Groups call for the release of detained Lumad educators

MANILA – Groups led by Save our Schools Network picketed at the Department of Justice in Manila to demand the dismissal of trumped-up charges and the release of the Lumad educators Amelia Pond and agriculturist Dominiciano Muya on Friday, Aug. 18. Pond, 64, is the regional coordinator of the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines-Southern Mindanao…