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Conviction of 2 soldiers in murder of Negros activist proves state policy – groups

“It is a resounding and indubitable proof that extrajudicial killings had been committed by state security forces, in this instance by members of the military. The government cannot, with any credibility say that there are no extrajudicial killings much less its security forces are not engaging in such atrocious acts and more than that, that it is an orchestrated and premeditated policy and practice.”

People’s lawyers face false charges, Red-tagging, murder

Last Tuesday night, human rights lawyer Benjamin Ramos, who assisted the families of the nine farm workers massacred in a Sagay City hacienda on Oct. 20, was gunned down by a tandem of motorcycle-riding men near his home in Kabangkalan City. He was a founding member of the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) and…