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“In the public hearing, we strongly opposed the entry of Nadecor and its planned operations here. Now, we’re surprised why this resolution is approved through a special session.” — Rogelio Simbajon, a small-scale miner in Pantukan town By ALEX D. LOPEZ Davao Today PANTUKAN, Compostela Valley, Philippines — Around 50 small-scale miners mostly from Gumayan…

“Small-scale mining is not the only cause, and is not even the biggest cause, of the destruction of Pantukan’s erstwhile forest lands… large-scale commercial logging operations since the 50s and large-scale mining operations of the past 30 years have massively denuded the mountains of Compostela Valley.”

Residents of Pantukan, a coastal town in Compostela Valley province, are locked in battle against two large-scale mining companies attempting to wrest full control of the area’s mineral resources. They also bewail the unfair advantage the government gives to these companies at the expense of small-scale miners.