PR: OFW Groups to Form Anti-RAFAEL Alliance; Urge Overseas Filipinos to be Vigilant

Press Release
7 May 2010

Alarmed by the recent event when the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) ordered the recall of some 76,000 defective compact flash cards for the voting machines that would possibly lead to failure of elections scenario, an alliance of Filipino migrant workers’ group in the Middle East today said it will lead forming a coalition of various OFW groups and individuals against ‘no election’ or failure of election.

“We will appropriately respond to the call of the time -that is to be vigilant and start forging OFWs and their organizations into one united broad coalition against no election or failure of election,” said John Leonard Monterona, Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator.

Monterona said the unfolding of undesirable events such as the recall of defective compact flash cards for the voting machine barely 5 days before the May 10 elections might be intentional designed to create a scenario that would favor the present occupant in Malacanang and thereby extend her term in a hold-over capacity.

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“Obviously, many will resist for a declaration of failure of election or no election which would further create a more chaotic scenario that would be later cited as justification for Mrs. Arroyo to declare martial law; this is not remote to happen,” Monterona added.

Various groups in the Philippines have warned that the Arroyo regime is plotting an Oplan Retain Arroyo through Failure of Elections (Rafael).

Monterona said this is something fellow OFWs must be worried about.

“Recognizing the capacity of overseas Filipinos and OFWs abroad to wage an international campaign against any despotic act by the present Arroyo regime, Migrante will be forming a broad alliance of Overseas Filipinos Against Failure and/or No-Election (OFANEL),” he added.

He said OFANEL will be initially composed of Migrante chapters in the Middle East, its member-organizations and allied OFW groups and individuals. “We hope to see similar coalitions of OFWs groups in other part of the world,” the Saudi-based OFW leader added.

“Peace-loving and patriotic OFWs working abroad must resist nasty political act orchestrated by the Arroyo regime in her vain attempt to remain in power as that would lead to political uncertainties and instability during and even after May 10,” Monterona added.

Monterona said only a vigilant and united citizenry could avert this vicious scheme of the present administration and that OFWs abroad have their important role to perform. (

John Leonard Monterona
Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator

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