Day: April 20, 2014

GUNITA NG SALITA Ni ROLAND TOLENTINO Ang pagtatapos (graduation) ay ang pagkaloob ng edukasyonal na institusyon ng akademikong degree sa estudyanteng nagtatapos (ang graduate). Ito ang ofisyal na huling sandali ng pagiging estudyante, ang pagtuldok dito; at ang simula ng pagiging gradwado, ang kagyat na espasyo matapos ang tuldok. Seremonyas lang ang pagtatapos pero…

Elusive peace

The peace talks between the Government of the Philippines, represented by the Aquino administration, and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines have been on and off during the last few years. The Aquino administration, which took over the reins of government on a platform of change, and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, which is representing a revolutionary movement that has been waging an armed struggle during the last 45 years to solve the basic ills confronting Philippine society, could not seem to come to terms on how to address the roots of the armed conflict and achieve a just a lasting peace. And instead of being able to move forward, the prospects for the peace negotiations seem to have become dimmer and dimmer.