Extending CARPER?

The Catholic Bishops has been pushing for another extension of the CARPER because of the prevailing landlessness among the country’s peasant majority. The Aquino government has supposedly acquiesced and instructed its allies in Congress to extend CARPER.

Progressive farmers’ groups, on the other hand, are pushing not for another extension of CARPER but its version of agrarian reform, the Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill.

And the debate is on.

Thus, Bulatlat.com is posting the articles it has written about CARP and CARPER to involve the public in the ongoing debate on agrarian reform.

hli sibayan
hli sibayan

42 years of land reform, farmers still landless

“Let us learn from history that past and present presidents came from the landlord class, they are all the same and not a single one served the interests of the farmers, as wells as Filipino masses.” – Fernando Hicap, Anakpawis partylist Representative

Why CARPER Is Worse Than CARP

Among other provisions, the CARPER bill mandates that private agricultural lands – the type that the Arroyos and the Cojuangcos own – can only be distributed if the original CARP managed to distribute 90 percent of its target. But CARP, despite the two decades it had, only distributed less than half of it. It’s an impossible provision that only underscores what progressive farmers have been saying all along – that CARPER is bogus.

Farmers march for genuine agrarian reform, not CARPer

Agrarian woes mark 26th anniversary of CARP

On third year of extended agrarian reform, land monopoly remains


5 ways Cojuangco-Aquinos evade land distribution in Luisita

Has the distribution of land at Hacienda Luisita been completed as declared by President Benigno Aquino III and the Department of Agrarian Reform? No, and here’s why.

A year after SC order, Luisita farmers back in streets

“We cannot rely on DAR to implement genuine land reform. We cannot rely on Noynoy Aquino. We must continue implementing our own version of agrarian reform.” – United Luisita Workers Union

KMP warns vs loopholes in SC decision on Luisita distribution

Lands up for distribution in Hacienda Luisita ‘mysteriously disappearing’

Struggle for Land, Justice Continues Under Aquino as More Luisita-Like Cases Emerge

One of the women farmers of Hacienda Dolores. (Photo by Ronalyn V. Olea / Bulatlat.com)
One of the women farmers of Hacienda Dolores. (Photo by Ronalyn V. Olea / Bulatlat.com)

Hacienda Dolores: Testament to CARP failure

The failure of government’s agrarian reform manifests in various haciendas across the country, such as in Hacienda Dolores in Pampanga.

Evicted and starved, Hacienda Dolores farmers fight for their land

Farmers in Hacienda Dolores face harassment

Hacienda Dolores farmer dies


After Luisita, Now It’s Sugarlandia

After Tarlac City, Negros sugarlandia is bracing for peasant rumblings as demand has been raised for the cancellation of the stock distribution scheme (SDO) in several plantations. Negros has the most number of SDOs which, farmers groups say, have made them forever landless.

Danding Lords Over 11 Haciendas in Negros

The plight of farmers and farm workers in Cojuangco-owned lands in Negros Occidental is etched in years of feudal and semi-feudal bondage. As the farmers’ hands are calloused by ages of tilling the land they never call their own, the Cojuangcos continue to lord over 11 haciendas spanning more than 5,000 hectares in Negros Occidental.

Negros Farmers on Hunger Strike to Oppose Killings, ‘Criminalization of Agrarian Struggle’

Negros farmers suffer atrocities from ‘landlord-hired bandit group’

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