Special Coverage: No good governance without human rights


“Daang Matuwid” has been the slogan of the Aquino administration. President Aquino has been justifying its actions with it. The president has been boasting about it. And now, President Aquino wants the 2016 election to be a referendum on it.

But for the Aquino administration, “Daang Matuwid,” which is the name it calls its Good Governance campaign, is all about its anti-corruption drive, which has been focused on the officials of the previous Macapagal-Arroyo administration.

Human rights is nowhere to be found from among its priorities. And this has perpetuated, nay worsened, impunity as the Aquino administration has itself committed human rights violations in the course of its own counter-insurgency program Oplan Bayanihan and in pushing the neoliberal agenda in the service of corporate interests.

What the Aquino administration fails, or rather refuses, to see is that human rights could never be left out in serious Good Governance campaigns and programs. Without human rights, there could be no good governance.


Under Aquino, no conviction on extrajudicial killings

“All attempts at seeking justice are frustrated in every way. Aquino has deepened the roots of impunity.” (Click here to read more)

Lambid Malibato

12-2-15-hr-graph of forced evacuation mil encampment under aquino-byja-til nov

Lumad wants to be home by Christmas

“The continuing attacks against Lumad communities and schools, including the recent evacuation in Compostela, show both the hypocrisy and desperation of the US-Aquino regime, especially with Oplan Bayanihan’s failure.” (Click here to read more)

PP stats.001

Under Aquino, political dissent is a crime

According to human rights group Karapatan, 85 percent of political prisoners were slapped with criminal charges, a clear violation of the Hernandez political doctrine, a Supreme Court jurisprudence that prohibits the criminalization of political dissent. (Click here to read more)

Photo credits: Janess Ann J. Ellao, Selda, Karapatan and Mario Ignacio
Photo credits: Janess Ann J. Ellao, Selda, Karapatan and Mario Ignacio

‘Jail Pemberton, free political prisoners,’ rights groups say

‘“Six years into his term, Aquino has only galvanized the fact that those who expose state excesses and injustices are bound to suffer behind bars or face possible death sentence in the hands of his fascist forces.” (Click here to read more)

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