Physical distancing


People have to observe physical distancing in public transportation amid the increasing cases of COVID-19 in the country.


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  1. Why is PI always imitate China. China is a very polluted country that is why they are wearing mask.
    Less testing less Coivid19 cases – Donald Trump. Now that is logical thinking. Why does the PI have to follow W.H.O recommendations turned it into mandatory requirement. How many time we have to tell you that there is no PANDEMIC stupid. If there is a real pandemic government or any agency don’t have to tell us. All the people outside got sick and died already. Being positive on a certain virus does not necessarily one is going to get sick and die. Covid 19 is 99.5 percent survival rate. Compared that to heart attack. These testing is inaccurate and just a money making scheme.
    Ask yourself these: Why does the Aetas, Negritos, and other native don’t get that stupid Covid.?

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