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By ARTEMIO A. DUMLAO Bulatlat.com Bangued, Abra (December 10, 2010) – Like shooting chickens or hunting ducks, violence continues to happen in Abra. Regaining its ugly tag as Cordillera’s “Killings Fields”, two more people were killed on Wednesday in Pidigan town, while gunmen exchanged shots with policemen in Bangued, Abra’s capital town on Thursday morning,…

BANGUED, ABRA — Theodore C. Lopez of the US Embassy together with three other companions were in Abra during the elections. Theodore C. Lopez approached a delegate of the PIOM while waiting for the opening of the canvassing area in the Provincial Capitol. The PIOM team asked Vanessa Roncal, supervisor of the Comelec in the region, if she knew about the presence of US embassy personnel in Bangued. Roncal replied that the US embassy personnel came right after the PIOM paid a visit to the Comelec Regional office.

Bangued, ABRA — In other precincts, people are complaining of the very slow process — from checking the names of the voters to submitting the ballot to the PCOS machine. Some even went home because they cannot handle the extreme heat. At Precinct #7, BEIs manually collected the ballots. The PCOS machine cannot process the ballots due to defective CF card. The BEI said, they are still waiting for the replacement CF cards to arrive from Manila. A voter told Bulatlat in an interview that the glitches might disenfranchise the votes.