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DOH reports 17,220 new COVID-19 cases, groups push for free mass testing and medical assistance

Anakpawis Party-list First Nominee Rafael Mariano said, “We have been calling for free mass testing and medical support since 2020. These are the fundamental concerns of poor families, they are not able to take the test immediately and still want to work so that the family can have something to eat.”

Lab Notes | Would granular lockdowns in Metro Manila work in the face of a Delta surge?

Assuming that the areas under granular lockdown are identified as potential sources of infection, what interventions are being done to ensure the risk of transmission is mitigated or even bring down infections? How are tracing and testing protocols being implemented? In the case of indoor establishments and workplaces, what engineering and administrative controls are in place? In the context of airborne transmission of COVID-19, disinfections are simply not enough.

Health workers hold motorcade to press for rights, welfare

“We hope that Secretary Duque understands that every minute in our lives as health workers matters. Many from our ranks got sick and succumbed to COVID-19 already. We can no longer afford to spend more time to wait in order to get our rightful benefits and demands.”