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The WTO as a neoliberal project: Testimonies from people of the Global South

The crisis of neoliberalism has been widely discussed long before the outbreak of the COVID-19. The pandemic has even further exposed deep shortcomings in the dominant mode of global economic and political organizations reflected by the WTO. The free trade agreements brokered and promoted by the WTO have perpetuated this system of inequality between nations of the North and the South.

Persistent disasters

It is not by accident or a matter of racial superiority that rich countries have the technologies for disaster preparedness and management such as early warning signs, sturdy infrastructures. The resources at their disposal are proof of unequal development of nations as a direct result of imperialist plunder of resources and exploitation of cheap labor in the Global South by the Global North’s oligarchy. Imperialist plunder accounts for the stark differences in welfare, well-being and chances of survival people in this political-economic and spatial divide under global capitalism.

The neoliberal bane and the 3Ps (Peace talks, People’s pope, People’s war)

BLOOD RUSH By SARAH RAYMUNDO The liberal tide that once set apart emergent capitalism from feudalism’s obsolescence is now a plague that threatens all living systems. Neoliberalism aims to prolong capitalism’s lease on lives and labor by converting what the latter identifies as last frontiers into its own likeness. And it does this through the…

GUNITA NG SALITA Ni ROLAND TOLENTINO Bulatlat.com Ito ang nangyayari sa estudyante kapag midterms at finals na period: sabaysabay ang exams, at deadlines sa term paper, thesis, at iba pang requirements sa semester. Aligaga at balisa ang mga estudyante sa sandaling ito, kahit pa nangyari na ito sa nakaraan. Nangyari na pero walang kasanayan sa…

The tragedy of Greece as a case study of neo-imperial pillage and the demise of Social Europe

Three and a half years after the EU and IMF, the “twin monsters” of global neoliberalism, came to the “rescue,” Greece has been transformed from a developed economy into an emerging economy, posting unemployment and poverty rates that are normally associated with so-called “third world” nations, and is permanently stuck in a vicious cycle of debt, austerity and depression.

Unionists from Asia and the Pacific share same stories of attacks on workers’ rights

“When workers in Indonesia demand a wage hike, employers threaten them: ‘We would relocate to China.’ In China, employers threaten workers that they would relocate their factory to Vietnam. In Vietnam, employers threaten workers they would relocate to Cambodia. In Cambodia, employers threaten workers that they would relocate to Bangladesh.” – Asia Monitor Resource Center
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Asia-Pacific workers wage struggles to turn ‘formal’ rights into reality