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Press Release May 12, 2011 The group Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD) today criticized the remarks of health secretary Enrique Ona for discouraging students from study nursing and for blaming parents for the glut in the nursing profession. Dr. Geneve Rivera, HEAD secretary general said “conveniently reducing the problem of nursing employment as a matter…

In the Philippines, the bulk of employed health workers and professionals are in the public sector. But over the years, the effect of government neglect on health, such as low wages and deplorable working conditions of health workers, coupled with the government’s active labor export policy, have combined to shrink the number of the country’s employed health professionals and workers.

Filipino nurses have the longest record of migrating, as well as the longest history of abuse. This abuse is a result of aggressive, profit-driven, exploitative policies of both their point-of-origin and destination countries. One of these is Canada, one of the most popular destinations now for Filipino nurses.

Sidebar: Filipino Nurses in Canada — In Search of a Better Life (An Interview with Evelyn Calugay)

In this interview, Evelyn Calugay, a veteran Filipino nurse in Canada, shares her experience when she decided to move to Canada. She also shares her opinion about Canadian policies that are detrimental to foreign-trained nurses. By JHONG DELA CRUZ Bulatlat.com ALBERTA, Canada — The Philippines has been exporting nurses since the 1960s. Enticed by the…