Month: December 2018

Can reconciliation gain impetus in the new year?

“As we take part in the festivities during this joyous occasion, may we also contemplate on the wealth of lessons we can learn from the narrative of the Savior’s birth to the calls of compassion, kindness and reconciliation being echoed throughout the globe. “Let these ideals and aspirations guide us as we embrace our fellowmen…

Resistance, unity and hope: A look-back at the year 2018

Lets’ take a brief review of the events and actions that shaped the year 2018. It was undoubtedly a year of fierce resistance, unity and unshakeable hope. We pay tribute to all those who made sacrifices in defense of our rights and freedoms. We celebrate the big and small victories in our never-ending fight for change. We note the huge challenges we face under a regime of tyrany. We stand firm knowing that the people remain our source of hope and strength.

Terrorism by another name

“Do not bully anyone. Just because you’re in power doesn’t mean you have the right to insult others… the bully who uses power to belittle others is the most cowardly and most insecure person of all.” (Translation from Filipino mine) Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle did not name anyone in his Dec. 16 simbang gabi(dawn…

CPP celebrates 50th anniversary

In response to ongoing military operations against communists, NPA guerrillas staged tactical offensives in the Bicol region, Kalinga Province in the North, Compostela Valley in Mindanao and Northern Samar in the Visayas, scoring victories that netted them dozens of firearms while inflicting casualties on both AFP and paramilitary forces.