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PRESS RELASE Ka Efren, NDFP-FarSouth Mindanao Region 22 February 2013 Malacanang’s approval and issuance of the ECC for the Xstrata-SMI gold-copper project in Tampakan is a plot hatched in hell. Pnoy is inexcusably accountable for this barefaced and traitorous act. He has proven once more his subservience to his real bosses — the big landlords,…

A threat to life and the environment; a green light to more human rights violations; a case of bullying by the national government on the local government, which banned open pit mining; and most likely, a case of high-stakes corruption. This is how progressive groups describe the granting of an ECC to SMI-Xstrata.

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Opposition to the Tampakan mining project of SMI-Xstrata has claimed the lives of four people. And yet, the Aquino government continues to side with the mining giant as it attempts to override the ban issued by the local government.

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