The Revelation

By Rev. Erahvilla M. Maga-Cabillas
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beneath the soil grave an echo cried out
arise brother, sister, mother, father, parent, friend
succumb not to fiendish and cruelest death,
come, breath long, wide and deep
be strongest, permit not the wicked
to seize and end Life, that is God’s precious gift

yes, your life’s disintegrated by the enemies
of steel, yet unyielding to any unfriendly terms
continue to breath for life and be more stronger
you are not alone but in solidarity with others
ascertain to struggle and dare to continue the fight
be firm and be steadfast with your faith

end slavery perpetrated by the ladies and lords
the landed gentry, the upper class in society
trusted puppets occupying huge posts
eloquent speeches, lies, corruption and immorality
fortified by the rule of law and executive orders
concealing their rottenness, futility and conspiracy

your land, your dwelling place God has given it a great bless
allow the imperialists’ machineries, entrust their dummies
the future generation will die the soonest in the process
be vigilant and take care your dwelling place
even offering one’s life in fearless defense
and in every heart and mind your name forever remains

our forebears defended the tyrants
highly honoring the brave ones
commending genuine revolutionaries
to all parts of this land and in every corners
into the altar of change, all will offer salutations
to dearly old and new comrades and friends

announcing the Shalom, the biblical jubilee
is the peoples’ genuine victory
peace, justice, love and equality
food, job, shelter and security
the great promise of life’s abundance
marks the Year of the Lord is at hand

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