Day: October 9, 2010

Ni MARK ANGELES Ikalawang gabi namin sa piling ng mga organisadong magsasaka at ngayong gabi, isang piging ang inorganisa—isang programang kultural. Sa likod ng mga sanga ng maubod na kalamansi, pahapyaw na magpapasilip ang mga hubad na mga paang pumapadyak, ang mga kamao, braso, at tuhod ng mga kabataang nagsasanay para sa maikling pagtatanghal, mga…

SPECIAL REPORT The public and government officials, among them President Aquino, always blame drivers each time a deadly bus accident happens. What they don’t know or chose to ignore is that bus drivers and conductors are working under severe conditions imposed by greedy operators and ignored by government regulators, thus allowing these mishaps to happen in the first place. Sidebar: For Provincial Buses, Physical Condition of Drivers — and Their Buses — Are Key to Safe Travel | More Motorcycles Mean More Mishaps

Workers in Filipinas Palm Oil Industries launched a strike after months of negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement hit a deadlock, despite an assumption of jurisdiction (AJ) order from the labor department. A first strike in defiance of AJ under the Aquino administration.

The Aquino government still got a high satisfaction rating despite the string of issues it had to address this early in the new administration’s term. However, things would still unfold in the coming months and years of the Aquino administration.  And history would judge if he did tread the right path.  By BENJIE OLIVEROS Analysis…