Month: June 2017

The illusion of the French elections

The election of the Europeanist Macron, who is a real child of the banking system and of the forces of globalization, to the presidency of France has prevented, on the one hand, the automatic activation of the decomposing procedures of a European Union that is under the German control and has created, on the other hand, an incredible illusion in the bureaucratic circles of Brussels with regard to the prospects of its longevity.

Deaf athletes need public encouragement

“You can have all the talent in the world, but it takes mental strength to be a champion.” “Work so hard that one day, your signature will be called an autograph.” These two motivational quotes have propelled a 19-year-old student-athlete to excel in singles table tennis interschool competitions – a district, provincial, and regional champion…

The past in the present

If those who fear martial law are “living in the past,” it is because much of that past, with or without martial law, is still very much in the present. Human rights defenders are still under threat, and farmer leaders, indigenous people, protesters, and political activists harassed and even killed, even as a brutal “war…