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Government ramps up red-tagging, gets broad-range ripostes

Putting to work its National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict, the Duterte government since last month has ramped up its red-tagging campaign against human rights defenders, militant people’s organizations and alliances, and left-leaning candidates in the May 13 elections. Instantly the ripostes were vigorous – denials, condemnations – from a broad range…

“It’s not simply red tagging; the important aspect of it is it violates the freedom of expression, right to peaceful assembly and right to self determination among others. Such violation of these rights gives an impression that to resist or to dissent against tyranny, fight for genuine reform and to clamor for justice are wrong,” – Beverly Longid, Katribu Party-list.

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Military uses schools for counterinsurgency

The Philippine military has been using the Lumads in a village in Compostela Valley Province as human shields as it pursues its campaign against the communist New People’s Army. By Marilou M. Aguirre davaotoday.com Posted by Bulatlat.com NABOC, Compostela Valley Province – From Davao City, one has to travel for three hours to reach Monkayo…