Month: July 2020

‘Death penalty only targets the poor’ – groups

“This bloodthirsty regime fetishes death and violence, and Duterte strongly batting to reimpose death penalty is not surprising but no less infuriating — it’s as if the mass murder of the poor at the hands of the police in the sham drug war or in the hands of soldiers through the counterinsurgency program aren’t forms of death penalty already, while the rich, the regime’s most gung ho allies, and human rights violators can blatantly escape accountability without even an iota of remorse for their crimes.”

Media outfits file complaints vs state agents over red-tagging, seizure of news magazine

Under the Duterte administration, attacks on alternative media have been persistent. Altermidya documented one case of frustrated murder, eight cases of arrest and detention, 28 cases of threat and intimidation, which include surveillance, two cases of physical injuries, and six cases of cyber-attacks against its member-media outfits.

Labor group denounces red-tagging, fake surrenderees

“P/Brig. Gen. Vicente D. Danao, Jr. and Lt. Gen. Antonio G. Parlade, Jr. are profiting off fake surrender ceremonies while also discrediting legitimate organizations like Pamantik-KMU,” the group said.“They are even rewarding turncoats like Raffy Baylosis, who find ‘surrenderees’ from wherever they could so they could profit off them, by giving them a share in stealing taxpayers’ money.”

SAP exaggerated, millions left behind

  The inadequacy of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) underscores the government’s failure to address the plight of the most vulnerable Filipinos in the time of COVID-19. Related story: With P606B budget for COVID-19 response, aid largely unfelt By XANDRA LIZA C. BISENIO Ibon Foundation It has been over 130 days since the start of…