Year: 2022

NUJP calls out Tiglao’s ‘malicious, irresponsible’ red-tagging of journalists

“It is not only untrue, it also perpetuates the dangerous narrative that journalists are communists or rebel sympathizers for reporting that (which) does not parrot what the government says. It (is) also the kind of labeling that has raised concerns over how the Anti-Terrorism Act will be implemented.”

‘No vax, no ride,’ a burden to Filipino workers

Instead of implementing a restrictive and discriminating policy, the Move as One Coalition said the Philippine government should instead focus on ensuring proper ventilation in public transport and terminals, increasing public transport supply and allowing more public transport to operate, increasing the budget and distributing the financial aid for 2022, and the monitoring of the minimum public health standards.

No Exit

Well thought-out, pro-active policies based on informed and rigorous analysis could have helped the country navigate the treacherous waters of the pandemic from its very onset in 2020. The need for them was especially evident during the last quarter of 2021, as well as at the present time. But they are precisely what were and are still missing in the far from strategic and purely reactive government response to the pandemic.