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Kontra Daya: Why allow political dynasties, rich and powerful to dominate party-list race?

The vehicle for some semblance of democratization has become a family affair to political dynasties and their partylists, and a way for big businesses to protect and promote their special interests. By MARYA SALAMAT Bulatlat.com MANILA – Even the crumbs allotted to marginalized groups are being grabbed by trapos (traditional politicians). This is one of…

On the eve of election day, Southern Tagalog regional poll-watchdog Kontra Daya, Kontra Karahasan received reports of election-related violence against militant groups in the region. In Los Baños, Laguna, at around 12:30 mn, 3 members of Kabataan Partylist, a member of Bayan Muna Partylist and Barangay Human Rights Officer Virgilio Tandang were arrested and physically injured by alleged Makati police officers while in a mass-action of residents against the alleged vote-buying and flying-voter scheme of a mayoral candidate.