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Balik-Tanaw | Pentecost: Fear No One

It’s hard to be a prophet; it is difficult to tell and live by the truth, to raise our voice and denounce what is wrong. It is more comfortable to remain at the margins in silence and pretend not to see and hear what is happening, or to let the others talk. Still, if one wants a real change in our society, a community faithful to the Gospel and more docile to the spirit, if one aspires to a newness of life, prophets are needed. Like Jeremiah, may we have the courage to say what the Lord tells us, even at the risk of life.


In Jones town, Isabela, residents complain that the soldiers would present themselves as New People’s Army guerrillas and try to extract information from them. In Toril, Davao, the military organized “peace and development teams,” whose functions apparently include wooing teenage girls in the community.